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When Keith and Lisa approached Resolution Electric three years ago to investigate solar options for their swimming pool, the objective was to install a solar pool heater to assist the existing gas heater.

Reducing the need to burn natural gas and saving money was one of the main goals, also prolonging the lifespan of the existing heater would be an added bonus.

During the hot Okanagan summer months we routinely obtain pool temperatures in excess of ninety degrees Fahrenheit - in fact, we rarely use the blue night cover which helps prolong the life of the cover and makes swimming immediate.

After installing the solar pool heater we have never felt the need to use the gas heater, opting just to run it once in a while to exercise and check its functionality.

"After installing the solar pool heater we have never felt the need to use the gas heater"
Keith J - Kelowna

We don’t understand why anyone with a pool would not consider this option!

Resolution Electric handled the installation of the solar system with absolute professionalism, and we would recommend the company to any prospective purchaser looking for solar solutions.

Keith J- Kelowna

Five Ecosun solar pool panels were installed to heat this beautifully sculpted salt water pool situated in the Upper Mission in Kelowna.

Manual valves were installed to isolate and bypass the existing gas heater allowing the returning warmed water to pass directly to the pool, saving wear and tear on the existing gas heater.

Project Highlights

Eliminate pool gas heating.

Makes swimming immediate.

Extends pool blanket life.

Prolong life of existing gas heater.

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