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Need to replace your failed swimming pool heater?

A solar pool heater could be your best replacement option.

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Simple Technology


As simple as it can possibly get! Solar pool heaters use a series of black polypropylene tubes to heat the pool water as it directly passes through the tubes in the collector, returning warm water back to the pool.

Economical Solution

The replacement costs for gas pool heater can range between two to three thousand dollars and factor in the running costs for natural gas for the season, solar heaters make economic sense. Opting for a solar pool heater as a replacement to your failed heater can payback in one to three years and last in excess of ten to fifteen years!

Silent Operation

A solar pool heater uses the existing pool pumping equipment by actuating a three-way valve to move the water silently through the collectors.

Conversely, electric heat pumps require a large fan to move the ambient air through the heat pump coil, this can generate significant wind turbulence and accompanying undesirable noise if located to close to the pool.

Environmental sense

Solar panels convert the sun’s rays directly into thermal energy to heat your pool, with no requirement to burn fossil fuels, solar makes environmental and financial sense.

Longer lasting - ten year warranty

Solar pool collectors are made from polypropylene and are designed to handle both chlorinated and salt pool water, eliminating the need for metal heat exchangers and the associated corrosion failures. Solar pool heaters offer a lasting performance backed by a ten year manufacturer warranty.

Gas heaters are prone to leaking, imbalance in water alkalinity, ph and hardness over time can lead to advanced corrosion and ultimately failure of a gas heater. Control cards for ignition and water temperature regulation can fail and are costly to replace.

Electric heat pumps use refrigerant to transfer heat from the ambient air to the water, the compressor in the refrigerant line can be expensive to repair. Control cards are also a point of failure requiring specialist skills to replace.


Simple technology.

Economical pool heating solution.

Silent efficient operation.

Lower your carbon footprint.

Quality product surpasses gas heater lifespan.

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