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Take control of your home energy! Make solar your primary energy source to power your world. Sun power a smarter, cleaner, intelligent energy choice.

Pool Heating Solutions
share the love... From no heating to solar only. From failed gas heating to solar only. From gas heater to

Solar Electric

Solar Electric

Reduce your electric "hydro" bill by installing a net metered solar electric system

Solar Pool

Solar Pool

Eliminate your swimming pool heating costs by installing a solar pool heater

Solar Water

Solar Water

Enhance your bathing experience with an energizing shower powered by the Sun


Examples of the many benefits on how solar could best serve you

Reduce your grid electrical consumption and utility expense
Solid investment return for your saving
Reduce your carbon footprint
Increase electric security when combined with battery backup


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Albums - a collection of photographs and customer experiences with solar

Solar Electric Albums

Find out why more and more Okanagan residents are choosing solar electric panels

Solar Pool Heater Albums (1)

More home owners are opting to heat their swimming pools with solar heaters

Solar Hot Water Albums

Advanced water heating technology puts you in control of your water heating expense

Solar Electric 8kW
share the love... Offset electric vehicle charging costs. Environmentally conscious living. Sustainable lifestyle choices. Optimal low-risk investment. call & discover

Solar Electric Albums

Pool Heater Cost Analysis
Monetary savings. Reduce carbon footprint. Greater Convenience. Reduce landfill waste. Reduce carbon footprint. Monetary savings. Greater Convenience. call & discover

Solar Pool Albums

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Solar Water Albums

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Your home energy requirements can be served by a number of different solar technologies, pairing these technologies to your specific needs is one of our strengths!

We are happy to guide and advise you on selecting the most appropriate solar technology to maximize your investment.


Solar Electric Choice

  • Solar electric panels convert sunlight into electricity.

  • Solar electricity is used in your home the instant it is generated, surplus electricity is sent to the utility to gain a credit.

  • Surplus solar electric generated from your panels can also be stored in batteries. Utility credits are used against power consumed during low sun or night-time.

  • With no moving parts and exceptional build quality, solar electric is extremely reliable.

Solar Electric

need more information on how to make solar electric part of your energy choice, or just need a quote.

Solar Pool

  • Solar pool panels use sunlight to produce warm water.

  • Evolved over many decades solar pool heaters are super efficient at heating your pool, offering a cost effective heating solution.

  • Using your existing pump and filtration system, water is circulated through the solar panels, heated water returns to the pool.

  • Automatic control puts you in charge, turn up the dial to the desired temperature and let the sun do it’s magic. Supplement your existing heater or use in a stand-alone heating application.

Solar Pool Heaters

join a growing number of home owners opting to heat their swimming pools with solar.


Solar Hot Water

  • Solar hot water panels use sunlight to produce high temperature water.

  • Evacuated tube technology is exceptionally efficient at sub-zero ambient temperatures, perfect for the Canadian climate.

  • Advanced pump technology with onboard control provides exceptional performance and reliablity.

  • Solar heated hot water is stored in your tank to be used later in the day or night.

Solar Hot Water

interested in how this technology could work for you, find out here.

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    High bills getting you down! Why not tap into your homes solar potential?


    Discover your homes solar potential and put solar to work for you.


    Get solar and take control of your utility costs without breaking the bank.

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