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Electric vehicle owners John and Terry-Lynn decided to take a step closer to energy independence by installing solar electric to their Kelowna home.

Having already developed the property by adopting permaculture techniques; a process of replicating nature’s ecosystems to grow food in a sustainable way, adding a grid-tie solar electric system to their home was the next obvious step.

“Adding the solar electric helps power the electric vehicle (EV) and lower our home grid electrical usage.”
John H – Kelowna
I typically travel around eighteen thousand kilometers per year, my gasoline costs have dropped to zero, and the increase in energy the car takes from the electrical grid is similar to running a hot tub.

We wanted to install solar to take advantage of the abundance of Okanagan sunshine, while reducing our carbon footprint. Adding solar electric helps power the electric vehicle (EV) and lower our home grid electrical usage. John H – Kelowna.


The 8kWp solar electric system is located on the south-east facing roof. Working around existing skylights, the solar modules were mounted to the roof at a height to enable the modules to sit flush with the skylights; allowing for a neater, more streamline roof look.

Solar Edge 7.6kW inverter provides responsive data feedback via a web-based data collection system. Onboard analytics provide indication the array is working optimally.
Access to historical data enables the home owner to monitor and track year-on-year solar array performance output.

Project Highlights

Offset electric vehicle charging costs.

Environmentally conscious living.

Sustainable lifestyle choices.

Optimal low-risk investment.

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