Solar Electric Technology

A net-metered solar electric system makes perfect sense for you and the planet.
Solar... a great investment for the future.

Advanced Technology

The Solar Edge central inverter and solar panel optimizer facilitate maximum power generation; providing greater returns on your investment.

High Efficiency

Each solar panel electrical output is optimized, this allows each panel to operate independently within the array. This also facilitates module level output monitoring.

Trusted Reliability

With panel optimizer and centralize inverter warranty you gain the strongest combined protection for component failure.

Future Proofing

Power flexibility with the ability to connect to lithium storage batteries.

How the Net-metering system works.

The natural, reliable and cost-effective way to power your world.


Rooftop Solar Array

Electrical power is generated on your roof or spare land using solar panels which are grouped together to form a solar array.

Direct Current (DC) Generation

The array harnesses the suns energy to generate Direct Current (DC) electricity. The DC electricity travels from the array via cables to an inverter.

Power Conversion

The inverter changes the DC electricity into standard AC electricity - the same kind your home already uses. The inverter is then connected to your existing electrical panel.

Grid-tie Connection

When you are not consuming all the power from the solar array, the surplus power is automatically directed to the electrical grid.

These systems use your existing electrical supply to send power via your regular meter (which records the amount of power you send) to the electrical grid. You are then credited on your electricity bill for this power, which can be used to offset future electricity consumption from the grid. This form of billing is called Net Metering. FortisBC and BC Hydro customers can now enjoy the benefits of being connected to the grid through Net-metering.

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