Solar Only Pool 16×32

Say no to unheated chilly-cold pool swimming!

Utilize the power of the sun to extend your swim season.

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When Martin and Kyla moved into their Kelowna home the pool had no form of heating other than a solar pool blanket, swimming was limited to a six to eight week window in July / August. The children were more resilient in braving the icy waters much earlier in the season, occasionally retreating to the hot tub for a warm-up.
Martin explained that he looked at electric heat pump technology as a solution to heat the pool, running a natural gas line to the pool was prohibitively expensive. The continued running costs, high electricity price and noisy operation of heat pumps prompted Martin to consider a simple solar solution.
" We now enjoy warm relaxing swims at least six weeks sooner than when the pool was unheated "
Kyla - Kelowna

The three day installation was completed professionally by John in the first week of May , then the magic began…..within two weeks of the installation the pool was up to an incredible twenty-six degrees Celsius (eighty degrees Fahrenheit). We now enjoy warm relaxing swims at least six weeks sooner than when the pool was unheated. The solar pool blanket is no longer used which makes taking those quick dips much more enjoyable.

Kyla & Martin - Kelowna


The location of the pool filtration equipment and ample roof space facilitated a cost-effective solar pool install. Seven Ecosun solar pool heater panels provide ample heating for this sixteen by thirty-two foot swimming pool, sleek looking black pipe connects the array to the existing filtration equipment. The automatic controller sends pool water to the solar panels when heating is available, with heated water returning back to the pool.

Project Highlights

Significantly extends swim season.

Most economical solution to heat pool.

Solar heater ideal for tight spaces.

Eliminate the need for solar blanket.

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