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When Geno approached Resolution Electric to fix the existing solar pool heater a number of safety and performance issues needed to be resolved.

The existing solar pool heater installation had seen better days, after nearly twenty years of service it was time for an upgrade.

The existing controller and valve actuator had failed making manual operation necessary.

The rooftop collector installation required new pipework along with replacement of aging leaking collectors.

A whole host of electrical safety hazards were also discovered and highlighted to the homeowner, these required immediate attention.

Device box and switch not weatherproof creating a shock hazard to the user.

Conduit separated from box placing mechanical strain on wires.

Loose conduit fittings allowed moisture to penetrate the pump housing.

Ground bond missing from the pump.


Out with the with the new!

The existing collectors and white pipework was removed and disposed of, the existing roof penetrations were then sealed.

The new collectors were installed, anchoring to the roof trusses using aluminum header clamps, with coated stainless steel fastening straps fully securing the panels to the roof.

The refit took two days to complete, some of the existing pipework was still in reasonable shape and was placed back in service, reducing installation costs and limiting land-fill waste disposal.

The electrical corrective measures as follows;

Switch-box upgraded to weatherproof box complete with safety toggle switch cover.

Conduits secured with straps to provide mechanical protection.

Rewiring the pump with new conductors installed in seal-tight conduit and fittings.

Ground bond installed to pump.

The pool is reaching temperatures into the nineties with the new pool collectors; the automatic controller makes life so simple, the old installation I use to forget to switch the 3-way valve on or off making heating a struggle.

The old panels had seen better days, John also replaced the rooftop pipework which really adds to the neat installation. Geno – Kelowna.

"the automatic controller makes life so simple, the old installation I use to forget to switch the 3-way valve on or off making heating a struggle"
Geno - Kelowna

Project Highlights

Electrical safety restored.

Automatic control restored.

Greater heating performance.

Reduce pool top-ups

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